My journey in psychotherapy expands across nearly 17 years when I began my studies in psychology leading me to working in the field of treatment of mental illness within the pharmaceutical industry. After 12 years of that and during my transition out of the corporate world, I picked up my psychological studies with Jansen Newman Institute which opened the door to further post graduate qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy. Seeking a life balance of raising children and part-time practice, my learning is an ongoing journey through the richness of the therapeutic relationship.

The experiences of having worked as a counsellor at Sydney's Wayside Chapel, as an Alcohol and Other Drug Therapist within a hospital environment followed by a dynamic role with Family Drug Support Project work, has expanded my knowledge of working with people who not only have a "dependence problem" with alcohol and/or other drugs, but of all those around them who care and who their "problem behaviour" impacts. It has lead me to the client's confronting experience of some unfaced dilemma such as childhood trauma, adult trauma, and all of the "Stress","compulsivity", "depression" and "anxiety" and problem behaviour that can come with it. 

I currently have a role as the Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT) Coordinator at Wesley Hospital Ashfield on Mondays and Tuesdays. Two DBT groups run at Wesley; one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday.

I work in my private practice on Wednesdays, Thursdays until 9pm and Friday mornings.