Brief Bio on Carol

Carol's journey in psychotherapy expands across nearly 17 years when she began her studies in psychology leading her to working in the field of treatment of mental illness within the pharmaceutical industry. After 12 years in corporate then during her transition out of the corporate world, she picked up her  psychological studies with Jansen Newman Institute which opened the door to further post graduate qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Seeking a life balance of raising children and part-time private practice, her learning is an ongoing journey through the richness of the therapeutic relationship.

The experiences of having worked as a counsellor at Sydney's Wayside Chapel, as an Alcohol and Other Drug Therapist within a hospital environment followed by a dynamic role with Family Drug Support Project work, has expanded her knowledge of working with people who not only have a "dependence problem" with alcohol and/or other drugs, but of all those around them who care and who their "problem behaviour" impacts. It led her to the client's confronting experience of some un-faced dilemmas such as childhood trauma, adult trauma, and all of the "Stress","compulsivity", "depression" and "anxiety" and problem behaviour that can come with it. 

Since leaving the Wesley Hospital Ashfield as the DBT Programme Coordinator and Facilitator Carol has been working in private practice with Mark Stevens In Greenwich NSW. 

Brief Bio on Mark

Mark has been a lecturer in Addictions & group facilitator within tertiary institutions over the past 10 years. He is currently teaching "Introduction to working with Addicted Clients" Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling with Excelsior College, Sydney. Mark has also worked as a Drug and Alcohol counsellor, both within public and private treatment settings and in private practice. Mark previously held the role of Addictions Program Coordinator at Wesley Private Hospital over the past 10 years and now runs his own private Counselling and Psychotherapy practice.

Mark holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Jansen Newman Institute

Mark is interested in working with Addicted individuals and their loved ones primarily from an existential and philosophical framework with influences drawn from Family Systems and early Attachment Styles.

Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation Australia (PACFA) 

Both Carol and Mark are registered Clinical member's of PACFA.

PACFA sets a high level of training standards and accredits counselling and psychotherapy training programs. In addition to theories of change and human development, training programs also focus on personal development of counsellors and psychotherapist.


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