Brief Bio on Carol

Carol’s study in Psychotherapy was a complete change in direction from first beginning her career with the corporate world in the area of Chemical Analysis and Pharmaceuticals which lasted for 20 years. It is in the latter field where her interest in brain neuroscience developed with companies involved in the research for treatment of Schizophrenia and Early Intervention of Psychosis.

Today Carol runs a full time private practice – “Being You Counselling and Psychotherapy” in Sydney’s north shore in Greenwich and has been practicing since 2008. Carol is also a qualified Supervisor. Her therapeutic approaches are integrated through an existential lens and her work specialises in relationship issues arising from Addictions and Trauma. 

In parallel to building her private practice, her journey covers work in both the private and public treatment settings - as a counsellor at Sydney's Wayside Chapel, then as an Alcohol and Other Drug Therapist within the private hospital treatment facility at Wesley Hospital Ashfield. A dynamic role then ensued with FDS (Family Drug Support) Project work, where she expanded her knowledge and skills of working with family members and loved ones of people in addiction.

This experience was followed by a 5 year role - “ DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Programme Coordinator” back at Wesley Hospital Ashfield where she assessed clients for the outpatient programme of DBT and then taught groups weekly.


Carol holds an Applied Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Technology of Sydney and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute.


PACFA Clinical Member

Carol is passionate about instilling courage in her clients to create change for themselves; walking alongside them as well as guiding them toward greater self awareness through emotional growth; teaching them about compassion for self and to release the shame about not being able to cope as well as they feel they should.

Existential therapy is a process of uncovering and discovery.

Brief Bio on Mark

Mark has been a lecturer in Addictions & group facilitator within tertiary institutions over the past 10 years. He is currently teaching "Introduction to working with Addicted Clients" Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling with Excelsior College, Sydney. Mark has also worked as a Drug and Alcohol counsellor, both within public and private treatment settings and in private practice. Mark previously held the role of Addictions Program Coordinator at Wesley Private Hospital over the past 10 years and now runs his own private Counselling and Psychotherapy practice.

Mark holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Jansen Newman Institute

Mark is interested in working with Addicted individuals and their loved ones primarily from an existential and philosophical framework with influences drawn from Family Systems and early Attachment Styles.

Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation Australia (PACFA) 

Both Carol and Mark are registered Clinical member's of PACFA.

PACFA sets a high level of training standards and accredits counselling and psychotherapy training programs. In addition to theories of change and human development, training programs also focus on personal development of counsellors and psychotherapist.


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