I have attended individual, couple and group therapy with Carol as part of my recovery from Alcoholism.

For me, sobriety has been a perilous emotional journey .Carol was my guide and mentor. She was never endingly patient, intuitive, supportive and insightful. Most importantly was her unshakable belief that I had what it takes to get better .Surprisingly –she was right all along.

Jen R, 55 years, 5 years sober

Over the last 4 years I have worked with Carol on many aspects of my life. Initially with my substance abuse issues and more recently with my core trauma related behaviours and beliefs.
I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a caring and empathetic woman- I believe my future is now so much brighter thanks to her ability to help me make sense of those parts of me that have held me back for so long. What she provides is a safe and confidential space in which I can allow myself to begin the difficult process of learning to trust. She is not concerned with labelling my behaviour- we simply work with what presents itself in a non critical and unbiased way.
For someone to see my potential even in the times when I can't has been the key to real and positive change in my life. Carol has walked beside me through some of the darkest and most harrowing events imaginable- and always provides strength and hope for the person I can become.
Working with Carol has been life changing and,at times, life saving. I have no doubt that without the skills and insight I've acquired through our work together, my life would not be as whole or functional as it is today.
For anyone struggling with the way life is going for them I urge you to take the next step and contact Carol. Working with her is challenging but so rewarding! It has been the single greatest gift I have ever received- the chance to renew and restore myself, mind, body and soul.

Jude, 40 years

"Carol has been instrumental in assisting our family to come to terms with ours son's mental health illness & related drug addiction. By working with us as a family unit and individually with our son, Carol has bridged the gap between our limited knowledge of mental health & helped us set positive boundaries with our son. This has ensured that we have been able to continue to support our son whilst promoting the necessary initiatives for him to take responsibility for moving forward with his life."

Jo and Brod

Since meeting Carol 2 years ago, my life has changed considerably. Carol's firm, yet kind nature keeps me coming back each week/fortnight as she tells me what I need to hear, providing techniques I can actually use, instead of what I want to hear and a quick fix solution. I have always found Carol easy to talk to and feel like she understands what I'm saying, whether it's a bad day at work, or a trigger as a result of my sexual assault. Carol has definitely helped to change my life, for the better. 

Chantelle, 22 yrs

My husband and I have been attending a weekly family drug support meeting, facilitated by Carol for some five months.  We cannot speak highly enough about the care, commitment, support and education that Carol provides, not only to us but all members of our community support group.  Our journey would have been much more difficult without Carol.

Ros and David

To say the least, I was shattered when my wife announced that she wanted to end our 20 year marriage. It took a considerable toll on my well-being – I shed considerable weight from the stress, and I reached a point where I was emotionally and mentally in a very fragile state.

 I thought we had it all; two beautiful teenage daughters, both doing exceptionally well at school; excellent health; a nice home; annual holidays; a good household income; and all the things this modern world defines as being ‘happy’. But clearly my ex-wife was not happy. And having gone through a process of rediscovering myself, I can say I wasn’t happy either.

 Getting through that time was a very very painful process. I felt all the emotions – shock, disbelief, panic, frustration, confusion, anxiety, anger, guilt, depression, loss of hope. I felt them all. The future looked dark and overwhelming. I so desperately wanted to win her heart back and make things right.

 Well, it took some doing, but Carol helped me realise that I needed to get my self right, in order for anything else to happen. Huh? What the hell does that mean I remember asking myself.

 Carol gently helped me to understand how important it is to look after my self. I was dogged, but she kept politely ignoring my pleas for ‘strategies’ to win back my ex-wife’s heart.  As time went on, Carol got to know me and her strategies were about me looking after me. I got to know Carol too, and with some reluctance J, I trusted her more and more. From a state of total loss of hope, I started to feel that there was something unique in what Carol was offering me. Often, getting in the mindset for change is the hardest thing.

 So I decided look after my self. I de-cluttered my life, and I started to focus on my personal self-intimacy; getting comfortable in my own skin and discovering who I am at the essence. Forever obsessed about the future, Carol showed me how to let go. How this day is the most important, right now. To live every moment in life.

 Consequently, I can genuinely say I am happy, by far the happiest I’ve ever been. I am totally focused on the here and now and I feel ALIVE, every moment of every day. Sure, I still plan for the future but I don’t let it stress me. There’s no point. I know that by living life to the fullest in the here and now, that the future will be fine. It’s a conundrum that was difficult to really understand, but it’s true.

 Thank you so much Carol. Thank you for helping me be me.


Since leaving rehab for a dependency on alcohol I have been working with Carol on a weekly basis. Having suffered from anxiety and depression from a very early age due to childhood trauma and unhealthy relationships I thought my only escape from these overwhelming feelings was through the use of alcohol. Carol has shown me that there is a much healthier way in dealing with my issues. Carol has been instrumental in my emotional recovery as she offers me the security and emotional support in a safe environment. My life has been transformed immeasurably as a direct result of Carol’s patience, understanding and professional expertise. I am a much happier and secure person as a direct result of the unconditional support Carol has afforded me.

Patricia, 45yrs