Video Clips

Alcoholics Anonymous

A useful sketch from the UK describing why we might need to visit AA.

"I See" Ad Campaign

The problems seen when we abuse Alcohol.

Sex, Drugs and Hair

Here is an amazing clip of Rayya Elias sharing a letter she wrote to her "head" in front of a Sydney audience with Elizabeth Gilbert in our Opera House.

Even if you only listen to the 10 minutes of her letter reading... 

You just may relate.

The Power Of Addiction And The Addiction Of Power

Gabor Mate says it all in this quick 18 min Ted Talks. Enjoy.

Addiction is any behavior that gives you temporary relief and temporary pleasure but in the long term causes harm; has some negative consequences and you can’t give it up despite those negative consequences.


The Power of Vulnerability - Brene Brown

The Log

Dr Anita Johnston uses the metaphor of THE LOG IN A RIVER from her book  "Eating in the Light of The Moon" to describe the recovery process from disordered eating.

Root of Your Hunger

Dr Anita Johnston talks with Sue Paton from EATFED about the root of hunger for someone with and Eating Disorder.

Drug Free World Clips