Family Support

 If one member of the family is in treatment, or taking steps at attempting to live a better life for themselves, the family can be left behind in old patterns of behaviour and dysfunction. This can be distressing for families so they often need support so as to better adapt to the changes the whole family and each member is experiencing. It can be beneficial for families to enter into therapy or attend psychodynamic group skills sessions to assist them with ways to cope, adapt and support their loved one in new ways. Evidence has shown that the support of the family and friends can be a vital force for positive change.  


  • Private sessions for families. My experience has taught me that some families prefer private sessions. The larger groups can feel confronting for families so I mainly see family members by way of assessment ( 60-90 mins) as a first step followed by recommendation for options of continued therapy, local support groups or workshop skills thereafter.
  • Workshops for a families living with Dependence or families willing to learn the skills of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)- For the Family. ( Future sessions to be advised)
  • A safe and non- judgemental experience that aims to empower families and their individual members to cope with the difficulties that arise within the family relationships.
  • Knowledge and support founded on some Family Drug Support philosophies mixed with my own experiences and learnings from having worked in AOD and private practice.
  • Support for not only alcohol and other other drug related issues. You may need to come because of the impact a mental illness or trauma has on your relationship; or even for living with the stress of a difficult teen in this day and age of high accessibility to social media, risky gatherings and so on.  

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